Our submission period is currently CLOSED for our annual printed edition.



Our 2019 theme is STIR.


A reaction to DAWN’s first light. The small unconscious twitch of a sleeping hand. The mixing of elements until they become unrecognisable. Maggi, hurricanes, afro-funk and mass migration.

We were blinded by the work submitted for our first edition I:DAWN, and now we want to know what STIR means to you. Is it an essay on ideologies that stir you the wrong way? Does it bring recollections of rice and peas being stirred in a dutchie pot? An interview with an artist on their way up? A thoughtful commentary piece on the way companies seem to rely on evoking Black outrage for marketing ploys, the effect of Black influencers on pop culture, or racial inequality in vulnerability to climate change?

We’re looking for pieces about anything stirring from emotions to shifting experiences, or anything that has changed your creative direction as a Black artist/writer.






Art & Fashion


  Please submit up to 8 images or photographs with a short description of how your work relates to the theme. All image submissions to be .jpg or .png, and as high-quality as possible.




Up to 3 reviews, think-pieces, or articles

max. 800 words sent in separate Word documents 

with each file named after the title of the piece.  



Film & Theatre / History & Politics / 

Lifestyle & Culture


Up to 3 reviews, think-pieces, or articles

max. 800 words, to be sent in separate Word documents with each file named after the title of the piece.  

Poetry & Fiction


Up to 3 poems of 42 lines max. Fiction pieces max. 800 words. Each piece to be in a separate Word document file with each document named after the title of the piece.





When emailing, please make the subject of your email the category you are submitting under (Poetry/Fiction/History etc), followed by your first name and last name. 

Please complete the submission form below and send all documents via email to

We’re also accepting pitches. They should be no longer than 200-250 words, and set out clearly what you want the piece to be about, with relevant links or a moodboard for reference. Send it to us at, with the subject line as ‘Pitch -’ and then your proposed piece title.



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